How To Bathroom Decor Ideas Best and Brightest

Bathrooms are hard rooms to master. If all the pieces do not quite fit it could end up looking like a horrific public toilet. But if all the pieces fall into place you will be rewarded with a little slice of heaven to relax and unwind within. That could be a tall order if it wasn’t for helpful folks like us who provide you with the best bathroom decor ideas for getting it right.

Follow these steps below and you will soon find yourself sinking into a warm bubbly bath that washes the stresses of the day away. All of these tips are designed with the small bathroom in mind. Giving you handy hints for making use of what space you have got.

Tile Till you Smile
The problem with a small bathroom is that what little space there is gets lots. It just seems to blend together into the gleaming white tiles. The result is that you may feel unsure if it is your bathroom or just a glaring white painting of one.

A simple way of giving your small space bathroom decor ideas some depth is with tile linings. Do not worry not everything needs to be outlined in tile. A few elegant tile linings for the tops of sinks or the edges of mirrors make all the world of good. In fact the less that you do outline the more effective it will be. Just be sure to have matching tiles or you could make your guests green around the gills.

Create Some Colour
Bathrooms are very much a white wash affair. At some point in history it was decided that everything should be white in your washroom. White bath, white sink, white toilet and even white towels, the only break many people have is the silver fittings adoring these things. For some reason porcelain went through a white phase and it has kept with it ever since.

Break up this monotony of colour by introducing a few vibrant colours. It doesn’t take much a bright soap dish or candle is a cheap and simple way to add a splash of colour. The best of the best designers say that the best bathroom decor ideas are those that bring mature into the home. You can do just that with this tip. Why not add some colourful flowers into your bathroom to really make it come alive.

Consistency is Key
Adding colour to a white washed room is one thing, but knowing when to stop adding colour is just as important. As we mentioned in the last tip it is good to add a few drops of colour. Be really strict with yourself and limit it to one or two complimentary colours.

Reframe from filling your bathroom with a rainbow as the limited space will soon become too clustered for the eyes. There is nothing worse for unwinding than a confused colour palette.

We are not suggesting you do not personalise the room with a few nik naks or souvenirs. Just ensure that everything compliments each other well. As with any room of the house find a colour pallet of a few colours and stick to it rigidly. Really question yourself as to whether those jazzy beach towels fit amongst the rest of the room.

Did you know that at one time chemists and apothecaries would fill their windows with beautiful bottles of coloured liquid and salts?

These were not for selling, but were carefully mixed inks to give the impression that the chemist knew how to mix elements well. Whilst this little act of deception may sound odd the pictures of apothecaries that do this is simply stunning. Having displays in bottles can really be effective in bathroom decor ideas.

Why not take a leaf out of their books and display a few of your bathroom essentials? We recommend putting bath salts and powders into large bottles and placing them upon your windowsill.

Not only do they look amazing when the sun hits them, but they also keep your bathroom luxuries safe and sound, perfect small space solution.

Keep Clear
Our last bathroom decor ideas tip is another simple one and yet the effect can be startling. Bathrooms can become busy places. They traditionally contain a sink, a toilet, a bath, perhaps and shower and of course some kind of storage. Whilst that doesn’t sound like too much they all take up a lot of floor space. When coupled with a smaller than usual space they can become overcrowded and feel claustrophobic.

So when picking fittings have our bathroom decor ideas in mind. Try to find sinks that are mounted to the wall rather than traditional standing ones that take up yet more floor space. Also really question whether a larger storage cabinet or whether a subtle cupboard will do.