How To Make Amazing Decorating For Your Living Room

Redecorating a room can be a stressful and confusing job. But if it is done correctly it can be a lot of fun and breath some fresh life into your home. To really go about it the right way you need to heed the advice of experts. It is better that then end up with something half-finished or shabby looking. Whilst it may be a long while until spring, the traditional renovating time, it is never too early to prepare. So we thought we should offer our advice and some room decorating ideas to help you plan ahead.

Careful planning
The reason we are writing this almost a full year before spring time is because a lot of planning goes into redesigning a room. An approach that is thought and exercised over a weekend will always end up looking cheap and nasty. So the best approach is one of precision.

Begin by carefully sizing up the room. Take measurements and begin dreaming about the possibilities. If you are good at drawing perhaps start making a few designs on paper.

Complementing the size of the room helps with this step. Be realistic a large room is always going to feel spacious and a small room is always going to be cosy. Play to this advantage and fill large rooms with soft pastel colours and small rooms with deep colours.

Once you have found a colour scheme you are happy with it is time to budget. Another benefit of planning early is that you can go all out and not feel too out of pocket as you will have saved for a long time.

The last stages of planning come nearer the time when you begin purchasing the paints, paper and any necessary tools. Again be realistic buy all the tools you will need and do not skimp on costs. A poor tool will do a poor job, don’t buy cheap for cheap’s sake.

Removing the old
The second stage is by ridding your old décor ready for your new refreshed room decorating ideas. Start by assessing your furniture. Move what you want to keep someone safe well out of the way. Many people just cover their furniture and whilst this keeps it safe it still takes up room that you’ll need for decorating.

Now is also a great time to sell any old furniture that you no longer use. This is great as you could end up earning some extra cash by decorating a new room.

The next step is stripping the old paint or paper from the walls and preparing the surface for the new covering. Ensure that you know what you are doing before you start and that you are wearing the correct safety equipment needed. That means wearing the safety goggles and mouth piece even though they don’t flatter your complexion I am afraid.

Once that stage is done sand down and smooth the areas ready for painting. Remember only do this is you are fully prepared t do so. When in doubt you should always consult or hire a professional. You may not want to seek help, but it is best in the long run.

The Main Event
Now comes the fun bit. Remember in the movies when the young couple have fun messing about whilst decorating, well it can be like that, some times. Other times decorating can take agonising amounts of time perfectly lining up paint or paper to ensure it all blends together seamlessly. Do not rush yourselves during this stage. Whilst it may appear that you are on the home strait you still have a way to go before completion.

One tip from the experts that is simple but effective is the use of tape. By covering edges of sideboards or skirting boards with tape you can get a nice straight edging to paint without damaging your furniture. This is also a great tip if you are painting stripes as it will keep them steady and consistent. Just ensure you are using tape that is meant for painting over as they are extra sticky to ensure paint doesn’t bleed underneath. If it does blead underneath you ruin the crisp clean effect you set out for.

Once again for this step ensure you are fully prepared and when in doubt shout for help. It is better the job get done right then look sloppy, otherwise you will always notice those spots where you went wrong. Once you have done you have gone from room decorating ideas to a fully realised, fully finished dream room.

Make it Homely
The last stage is to bring back in all of your furniture and arrange it in a way that makes the room come alive. Ensure that paint is fully dry before doing this to protect the pieces of furniture.